The guide you've come to visit here is entirely dedicated to the recently re-discovered beautiful little bird…

Redscowl Bluesingsky

…and the rare physical and mental condition that was named after it.

News flash:

Our organisation has agreed to help out the Dutch quail farmer who lost two captive Redscowl Bluesingsky birds to the mass poultry cull of 2003 and is trying to prevent losing a third. We're calling on all nature lovers, and Redscowl adepts in particular, to support the cause. Please help promote this website by donating a little of your time or money if you can spare it. Links and prayers are appreciated as well... every effort counts. Thank you for your concern...

You need look no further for the be-all-end-all source of R.B. information…

  • Be sure to check out the history and pedigree of the Redscowl species and the Bluesingsky variant in particular.
  • Behold some recent sightings of Redscowl. Get your binoculars and cameras out and show us what you found!
  • Next, you may be ready to see with your own eyes how artists around the world were inspired to celebrate the Redscowl bird with paintings and other visual artforms like dance and design.
  • Let's not forget the Bluesingsky's special qualities. Both the mental condition and the sheer beauty of the little bird have inspired songwriters and poets to produce great works, most of them even within a blue and red theme.
  • Alas, there have been people and even animals who were so impressed by the little creature and what it stands for, that they just had to copy it in style and behaviour. As a warning, but also as a tribute to all these hypersensitive living beings —who inadvertently bring so much beauty and pleasure into our lives — we'd like to present our Red Blue copycats gallery.
  • Only recently, redscowl bluesingky has been recognised as a true medical condition, showing symptoms of either physical or mental nature or even both!

Since this web site is the official Redscowl Bluesingsky guide, it will soon hold all the major information about the species and the condition. Museums and research centers around the globe will submit their information shortly. Old documents will be scanned and thus preserved for prosperity. People suffering from Rescowl's Disease will be able to find both information and comfort here.

If you have any related and interesting material to share, please feel free to contact us at Red's email address and submit a sample of the work. It will then be reviewed be a panel of experts and published if the quality is of a high standard and the value for the community is considerable. Of course — if you want — your name can be added as the contributor.

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