Over the years, people have spotted the Redscowl bird on numerous occasions. Here, you can read an excerpt of …

Redscowl Bluesingsky History

…as it was documented by R.B. adepts around the globe, from ancient times until today.

The history of the Redscolw Bluesingsky dates back to the Middle Ages. There have been mentions of similar birds in ancient Greek texts, but there aren't enough details to confirm sightings of the REAL Redscowl B. as early as that.

1327 — The first confirmed Redscowl sighting report known to date was documented by an Italian monk. If you have seen the film (or read the book) the Name of the Rose, you know exactly what we are talking about. In fact – when the fire broke out in that library tower – one of the first books that were saved contained the R.B. sighting report.

1498 — Even the great Leonardo da Vinci has been known to study and depict Redscowl Bluesingskies. See for example this fresco and this one. Alas, the colours have faded, but the evidence of Leonardo's interest in everything R.B.-related is clear. Rumour has it that the Redscowl's spiralling flight patterns inspired da Vinci to come up with his early helicopter designs. Should evidence of that ever turn up, then it will be presented here on the official Redscowl Bluesingsky guide.

2001 — Enhanced R.B. pictureThis picture of a redscowl bluesingsky (female - hence the pale blue) was taken in the Ukraine in the Spring of 2001. It clearly shows the red scowl, and the ruffled feathers (as can be expected during the mating season). The picture was taken from quite some distance, so it had to be digitally enhanced to be "presentable". Still, scientists around the globe agree that this is a nigh-perfect representation of the Redscowl species.

(Photograph kindly provided by AD)

2006 — A whole flock of R.B. was spotted in the United States. See for more info our recent sightings page.

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