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Redscowl Bluesingsky Sightings
…and maybe even try to predict where the little Redscowl bird is expected to appear next. Stay tuned!

Redscowl sightingEven though the little bird is both rare and shy, it sometimes pops up to amaze us and then leave again just as quickly. Only a lucky few are fortunate enough to spot a whole flock.

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Another one bites the dustAlas the small size and low speed of the Redscowl leaves the poor little thing defenseless against larger birds of prey. Of course, nature must take its course, but sightings like this will make every Redscowl Bluesingsky lover's stomach turn.

(On this picture, the R. Bluesingsky is only barely visible in the shadow of the left bird's wing — bystanders were too late to save this one.)

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