The list below shows a sampling of people, animals or even plants, so taken by the beauty and popularity of the Redscowl Bluesingsky that they couldn't help but copy its look and/or behaviour. Hence, they are classed under…
Redscowl Bluesingsky Copycats
…which is an interesting subset of the living world in its own right.

Tree frog copying Redscowl BluesingskyTree frogs are considered to be master R.B. Copycats. Both in appearance (look at the blue extremities and the red glare) and in song. Had the original Redscowl Bluesingsky not been a bird, then it definitely would have been a frog. Some people believe that tree frogs are actually reincarnations of the birds we love so much.

Mandril is half way thereThe mandril is already halfway there, but he seems to prefer his blueness in the face as well as the red scowl. Still a nice stab at it.

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poor effort to mimic Redscowl BluesingskyThis guy – however – seems to have absolutely no clue how to properly mimic the Redscowl. This is an exceptionally poor effort, which in fact belongs in the Redscowl Copycat copycat category.

no living being but still a nice exampleThis is not a living being, but at least it resembles one. This piece of art is a good example of the RB idea made three-dimensional.

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special plant photographyEven plants take part in the quest for Redscowl-Bluesingsky-ness. Okay, it took a so-called false-colour composite method to come up with this picture, but since it's just a plant – albeit a meat-eater – we can't be picky. Nice red "face" and blue "fingers", and if it had a brain it would probably recite poems all day long while chewing on flies and crickets.

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